Ape Gelatini

The cleanest way to enjoy his ice cream!

Our Ape Gelatini not only draws attention to itself, they amazed by their silent presence, no hum, no stink, quietly humming the little bee emission-free through our cities.

The bee is driven by an electric motor and powered by lithium-ion batteries.

After manufacturer information charging the batteries within about 5 hours on a 220 volt connection should be made.

Minimum external dimensions combined with optimal maneuverability.

The Ape Gelatini characterized by the highest ENERGY EFFICIENCY made, developed and tested for climate class 4+.

Amazing range of about 60 kilometers.

Perfect ecological balance - fueled from the power outlet.

Modification with Passion ..

.. Is not just a slogan, but defines the passion of all employees that is reflected in the end product.

Amenities Ape Gelatini:

  • E-drive 4 kW
  • Whitewall tires
  • Reach 60-70 km
  • Speed ​​50 - 60 kmh
  • Construction GRP
  • Hood Electric and GRP / isolated in the closed state from up to about 35 degrees outside
  • Fresh and waste water tank
  • Heater with sink and shower Eisportionier
  • Preinstalled hitch
  • 100 lt capacity (20 x 5lt ice buckets) 10 various varieties
  • ISA ice chest Fiji 140
  • standard GPS and remote maintenance